Choosing the right tyres isn't always as simple as finding a good match for your vehicle; one also has to consider their driving style and environment. A softer compound of tyre will give you greater grip to the road than a harder compound at the cost of increased tyre wear, while the right tyre tread for drivers in dry environments might not be suitable for those more accustomed to wet weather conditions.

Associated Tyre Service stocks tyres for all makes and models of vehicle and driving conditions, from road cars and light commercial vehicles to small trucks and farming equipment, all from leading tyre manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Cooper, Dunlop, Pirelli, Yokohama and more. Your tyres will be fitted, balanced and aligned for minimal tyre wear, ensuring that your new set of rubber will last as long as possible. To find out more about our range of tyres, contact us today.

Passenger Vehicles

For passenger vehicles, the ideal tyre is a harder compound tyre for longer durability, with specialised tread patterns designed to displace water, allowing for increased grip to the road in wet conditions. 

For longer drives on sealed roads, you can also opt for tread patterns with noise-cancelling properties, which make for quieter driving and a more comfortable ride.

To find out more about our range of passenger vehicle tyres, contact us today.

Light Commercial & 4WD

Drivers looking to take their vehicle off-road will be less worried about ride comfort and more concerned about grip on uneven surfaces. 

A thicker tread with deeper channels to displace water or mud will provide for greater traction in off-road environments.

To find out more about our range of tyres for light commercial and four-wheel drive vehicles, contact us today.


Tyres designed for trucks must be able to contend with the immense loads most trucks carry, and have to stick to the road like glue to carry such a load up hills and difficult terrain.

To that end, we can recommend tyres for your heavy vehicle to help it deal with whatever conditions you care to throw at it.

To find out more about our range of tyres for trucks, contact us today.

Tractors & Agricultural

Tractors navigate unsealed surfaces even more treacherous than that covered by the typical four-wheel-drive, from soft earthy paddocks to acres of muddy fields.

Agricultural vehicles need tyres of an incredibly deep tread, to be able to cut through the mud and find purchase on the solid ground underneath.

To find out more about our range of tractor and agricultural vehicle tyres, contact us today.

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